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What Makes You Dance?

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Marc Foster | Artist & Designer

Bailarín Cellars celebrates those who do what they love. Their passion for life is unstoppable and their enthusiasm is infectious. We celebrate these heroes and learn from their words of wisdom as we chase our own pursuits.

This month we celebrate Marc Foster, a talented local artist and designer who is driven by the process and beauty of art and design. Marc was honored as the 2018 Visual Artist of the Year from the Sacramento Region Arts & Business Council. His many projects include collaborations with the IceBlocks in Midtown Sacramento, custom pieces for Wildwood Restaurant, and the floor to ceiling wine cabinets at our Tasting Room.


What Makes You Dance?

“Design- all of it.”

Whether I’m working in my own studio or traveling the world with family and friends, the experience of interacting with exceptional, inimitable design makes me come to life. There is something so viscerally engaging, and often inspiring to me, in the play of dramatic lines, astounding environments and stimulating art forms coming together.

In my personal life, I find incredible moments of bliss free-diving in warm oceans, flying over gorgeous vistas, and generally traveling the planet as student of the natural phenomena of design that is the everyday. Coupled with the magnificence of designers and artists that create images and objects that silence me in awe and excitement, I am regularly “dancing” from my design interactions. At least that’s the goal.

Professionally, I am a self proclaimed “serial prototyper”...finding giddy, childlike moments in tinkering with fresh design, new ideas and even the big mistakes that often become next my big successes. It’s the challenge of working through the potential of a design where I feel alive and emotionally engaged in the process from start to finish.

The moments of inspiration for creating distinctive design are as simple as a comment or conversation with one of my children, to the wonder of walking the streets of México City and being imprinted with history and future in a single boulevard. I take all those moments and play with them over and over again.

Artist Highlight 2.jpg
Marc at the installation of Le Feuille, a stainless steel sculpture at the entrance to McKinley Village in Sacramento.

Marc at the installation of Le Feuille, a stainless steel sculpture at the entrance to McKinley Village in Sacramento.