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What Makes You Dance?

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Bay Miry | VP of Development

Bailarín Cellars celebrates those who do what they love. Their passion for life is unstoppable and their enthusiasm is infectious. We celebrate these heroes and learn from their words of wisdom as we chase our own pursuits.

This month we celebrate Bay Miry, a talented local developer who is driven to bring value to the community. While only in his thirties, he already has accomplished much with successful historic rehab projects including 14th & R block anchored by The Shady Lady Saloon and Maydestone Apartments (15th & J) plus Powerhouse on 16th & P, a Platinum LEED Certified mixed use space. His visionary project on the 700 block of K Street has been ten years in the making and will house the future Tasting Room of Bailarín Cellars alongside many other local businesses and residents.

What Makes You Dance?

"Building Community"

I’ve always been passionately drawn to trying to make sense of the world and what our purpose is while we are here. Through the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that contributing as much as possible to the improvement of the circle of people around me, and of those around them, is what makes the most sense to exert my energy towards. Creating a strong sense of community, as best I can, naturally feels like the most appropriate use of my time and focus.

So given that context, I discovered an incredibly rewarding feeling from contributing to neighborhoods through the creation of places for people to live, work, and play. This rewarding feeling especially resonates with me for development projects specifically within an urban environment where there is the greatest frequency of “human collisions” and interactions. 

So things like having a small hand in the opening of a quality housing project, neighborhood cafe, popular locally owned restaurant, or simply bringing people together for a special event in a public park, provide me with a sense of satisfaction and purpose. The strong sense of community and empathy that’s created across a wide demographic of people from these kinds of projects really fuels me to want to continue working on even more. 

I am excited to continue growing, learning, and contributing. I can’t think of a better thing to passionately focus on other than instilling as much of a positive impact on my surrounding community as possible in the time that I am on this planet. 

Bay Miry, second from right, with his parents and wife Katherine at the 700 block K Street groundbreaking event.

Bay Miry, second from right, with his parents and wife Katherine at the 700 block K Street groundbreaking event.

Photo courtesy of  The Sacramento Bee .

Photo courtesy of The Sacramento Bee.