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What Makes You Dance?

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Mona Bahraini | Small Business Owner

Bailarín Cellars celebrates those who do what they love. Their passion for life is unstoppable and their enthusiasm is infectious. We celebrate these heroes and learn from their words of wisdom as we chase our own pursuits.

This month we celebrate Mona Bahraini, the talented small business owner of the Prickly Pear, a local nursery. The goal of The Prickly Pear is to be a facility for special needs adults to enjoy daily activities, gardening, and many other service-oriented events. You can find her work around Sacramento including at our Tasting Room.


What Makes You Dance?

“Building an authentic, loving community”

From a young age, my mother taught me to always live my truth, honor a pure intentional heart and diversify my environment. That message has traveled with me to age 33 and continues to get stronger. The more I tap into my self-worth and authenticity, the more joy I bring to my family, friends and business. I feel that we are living in a generation that is empowering yet so fragile, mostly due to our access to everything by a tap on a screen. It’s of utmost importance to consciously remind ourselves to set aside time every day for self-care, when your body and soul are happy, you bring joy to everyone around you.

I feel fortunate to pursue my dreams through the Prickly Pear where I can bring a little more nature, sunshine, and joy to people’s lives every day.